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Business Development Manager - Market Research (DACH / UK / US / Scandinavia)

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As a Business Development Manager specializing in Market Research, your primary objective will be to drive growth and establish a strong market presence in the DACH / UK / US / Scandinavia.


• Developing and executing strategic business development plans specific to the market research sector in DACH / UK / US / Scandinavia.

• Identifying and pursuing new business opportunities within the market research domain, establishing relationships with key clients and industry stakeholders.

• Leveraging your understanding of market trends and client needs to tailor solutions that align with our market research offerings.

• Collaborating with internal teams to ensure successful project delivery and client satisfaction.

• Keeping abreast of industry developments, competitor activities, and emerging trends to inform business strategies.



• Proven track record of successful business development in the field of market research, specifically in the DACH / UK / US / Scandinavia.

• In-depth knowledge of market research methodologies, tools, and industry best practices.

• Strong negotiation and communication skills, with the ability to articulate the value proposition of our market research solutions.

• Experience in building and maintaining long-term client relationships within the market research sector.

• Master’s degree in Business, Marketing, or a related field; MBA is a plus.



• Competitive salary package, including performance-based incentives.

• Comprehensive healthcare plans.

• Opportunities for professional development and growth within the market research domain.

• A collaborative and innovative work environment that values creativity and industry expertise.

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Senior Insights Consultant (Quantitative / Qualitative)

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As a Senior Insights Consultant, you will lead and elevate our market research initiatives, taking on a strategic role in shaping and delivering impactful insights. Responsibilities:


• Leading the conceptualization and execution of qualitative and quantitative market research projects, demonstrating a high level of expertise in study design and tools development

• Overseeing data collection and analysis processes, ensuring the quality and reliability of research outcomes

• Providing mentorship and guidance to junior team members, fostering their professional growth and development

• Elevating the analysis and summarization of survey findings to offer strategic recommendations to clients

• Leveraging advanced storytelling techniques, incorporating images, photos, videos, and diverse data sources to create compelling narratives that drive actionable results



• Master's degree in a relevant field with a minimum 10 years of experience in market research (PhD is very desirable)

• Proven track record of successfully leading and executing complex multi-country research projects

• Exceptional analytical skills with a deep understanding of statistical methods and data interpretation

• Strong leadership and communication skills, with the ability to effectively convey complex insights to clients and internal stakeholders

• Proficiency in cutting-edge tools and technologies used in advanced market research (Microsoft Office, SPSS and data visualization tools are appreciated)



• Competitive salary package, reflective of your senior-level experience

• Comprehensive healthcare plans

• Ongoing opportunities for professional development and advancement

• Multi-country projects around the globe

• A collaborative and innovative work environment that values and rewards leadership

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Consultant: Quantitative

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As a Consultant, you will play a crucial role in supporting quantitative market research projects.


• Collaborating on the design and development of studies, showcasing your expertise in crafting effective questionnaires

• Supervising data collection and analysis, ensuring accuracy and reliability in the research process

• Examining and summarizing findings from surveys to provide actionable insights for our clients

• Harnessing various data types, including images, photos, videos, and more, to construct compelling narratives that tell the story behind the data



• Minimum Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (e.g., Marketing, Business, Psychology,Sociology or a related discipline)

• Proven experience in quantitative research methodologies (at least 3 years in relevant position)

• Strong analytical skills and the ability to derive meaningful insights from diverse sets of data

• Excellent communication skills, with the capability to convey complex findings through compelling storytelling

• Proficiency in relevant tools and technologies used in market research (Microsoft Office, SPSS, Conjoint, MaxDiff)



• Competitive salary adequate to experience

• Comprehensive healthcare plans

• Opportunities for professional development and growth

• Multi-country projects around the globe

• A collaborative and dynamic work environment that values innovation and creativity

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